About The Inventor

  • Bill Woods

    Hello, my name is Bill Woods. I'm  the inventor and president of Joker Spokes. I, along with my wife Colleen and our three children, are launching this new business venture. I am the son of a mechanic, so I grew up taking things apart and fixing them. Being a youngster in the 70's and 80's, my friends and I rode our bikes every day. We were always modifying our bikes to make them look and sound cooler. We would put playing cards in our bike spokes to make the bikes sound cool, like motorcycles. The only playing card our moms would let us use was the Joker, hence the name of our product, Joker Spokes. My hope is that children will enjoy riding their bikes and using Joker Spokes to make that motorcycle sound as my friends and I did. Joker Spokes are a great way to encourage your kids and grandkids to get active, riding their bikes and enjoying the outdoors. I am pleased to share some of that fun that we had with the kids of today. Join us on Facebook and share your memories of what you used to do on your bikes to make motorcycle sounds.

    Check out my interview here with the West Central Tribune!

    We are excited to hear what you think of Joker Spokes. Thanks for your interest!